What is the new Clutter folder in my mailbox?

With USM's transition to Office 365, a new folder called "Clutter" shows up in your mailbox. Clutter can help you filter low-priority email, saving time for your most important messages.

How does Clutter filter messages?

Based on your past reading habits, Clutter analyzes the messages and filters out the types of messages that you generally ignore or don't respond to. Just keep using email as usual and Clutter will learn which messages aren't important to you.

What if Clutter gets it wrong?

From time to time, Clutter might get it wrong. You can move the messages incorrectly identified as clutter to your inbox, and Clutter will take notice.

Can I turn Clutter off?

Yes. You can turn Clutter off. To turn Clutter off,

Will my outgoing emails to external email addresses end up in the recipients' Clutter folder?

Since Clutter is only applicable for users who use Office 365 as their email service, it depends on the external email address. If your external recipient does not use Office 365, he or she will not have the Clutter folder. If your external recipient uses Office 365, your email may end up in the recipient's Clutter folder according to their email settings over which we have no control.